Monday, October 27, 2008

Clergy say "Vote NO on prop 8!"

Last week, clergy and religious leaders from a variety of traditions came together on the steps of San Francisco City Hall to speak out against California proposition 8, a proposed constitutional amendment which would alter the state constitution to strip the right of marriage from same-sex couples. The reasons for opposing proposition 8 varied from making a clear moral and theological argument, to simply stating that there is more than one religious perspective on this issue, to rejecting the government's attempt to tell religious communities who they can and can't marry.

I was particularly pleased to see a strong Lutheran turn out, both among seminarians, laity, and ordained clergy. Perhaps most uplifting was seeing ELCA Bishop of Northern California and Nevada Mark Holmerud (the guy in the purple shirt) boldly denouncing proposition 8 and declaring his support of same-sex couples.

Lutheran clergy in southern California also speak out.

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