Thursday, March 20, 2008

We Want Pets!

Friends, Seminarians, Lutherans!

Long have the good men and women of this seminary yearned for the simple friendship of animal companions. Humble students pine for canine comrades which they have left behind or for feline confidants who might comfort them as they struggle in their service to the divine. And is it not right and salutary that the modest servants here of our Creator should enjoy the company of those critters, who, with all of creation sing the praises of our God most high?

But our administration says "NO!" It says, "No, you cannot bring the hamster in whom you learned to see Christ's presence in all things." It says, "No, you cannot bring the cat whose gentle purring pulled you depression." It says, "No, you cannot bring the dog who taught you unconditional love through slobbery licks."

Well, I say, "YES!" I say, "Yes, we shall embrace animals as sisters and brothers in God's love!" I say, "Yes, we are called to bring Christ's comfort to the afflicted, and yes we know that pets have great power to soothe the suffering soul, and so yes we shall partner with animals in our ministries to give hope to the hopeless and joy to the dispirited!" I say, "Yes, we shall make this seminary a community where pets are celebrated and have a place to live among their furless friends!"

I tell you that at this very moment, seminarians are gathering to rent houses near campus where pets are seen as the blessing they are. So if you long to live again with your creaturely companion, or dream of adopting a lonesome critter, the opportunity is upon you! The time for action is at hand. Email our noble leader, Ellen Ayres, or write a comment on this post. For if two or three of us gather together, the transforming power of Christ is there, and with God's help, we can change this community!

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