Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Bowl

Oregon Synod Christmas Bowl - sign up now!!
Let's have some fun!

Join Bishop David Brauer-Rieke online Thursday, December 13, for the first (and perhaps last) annual “Oregon Synod Christmas Bowl.” Here’s how it works:
  • Pull together your team - a few friends, your family, just you, the Outreach Committee, whoever you want.
  • Get the Christmas bowl out, fill it with eggnog, punch, Christmas cookies, Fiddle Faddle, or anything that sounds good.
  • Have a computer handy with sound and a broadband connection, like cable or DSL. (If you have such a hookup at your church you can have the party there, but you may prefer to meet at somebody’s house. Just invite a few friends over. Be sure you can turn the sound up so everybody can hear.) and be ready to log on for the fun Thursday the 13th.
  • Easy to follow directions will be emailed to you after you sign up.
    That’s absolutely all. Easy - fun!! Space is limited.

    Reserve your “Christmas Bowl” seat now at: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/596633087

    Please forward this email on to your congregation, family or friends as you see fit. The more the merrier.

    Dave Brauer-Rieke, bishop

    Oregon Synod - ELCA 2800 N. Vancouver Ave.
    Suite 101 Portland, OR 97227 503.413.4191

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Brauer-Rieke said...

Ya - it's just a fun little thing, kind of an experiment in synod engagement. I have maybe a dozen questions on the Christmas story(s) in Matthew/Luke which are in multiple choice format. The answer choices mix serious with comical and the point of the whole endeavor is really to point out how much we don't know about Christmas. Participants will have the opportunity to vote for the right answer and the we'll see on like how many voted for what. Then I give the right answer. The whole effort is in a "webinar" format. Visuals but now sound unfortunately. Participants will have to read the questions online and vote. I control the pace of the event. You get to vote and laugh with your friends.